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Learn who God says you are in Christ!

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God is calling us to put our crowns on in recognition of His victory and our place in the Kingdom as His children!

Jesus paid to restore our role as children of God so we can reign in love and take back what the enemy has tried to steal. It is imperative that we take back our reign! Today, the world needs God’s children to serve and lead more than ever.

Do you want to learn what that means to live out your supernatural destiny?

Put Your Crown On is a practical and easy to read overview of the rights and authority of the children of God as taught through His Word with ten steps to help you learn how to rule, reign and exercise the authority here on earth.

This will inspire you to put your crown on!

Teresa DeMatos
Teresa DeMatos
Pastor of Indian Lake Church

Jesus taught as one having authority. You will be encouraged, inspired and discipled to walk in the authority Christ has given you, as you read this book!

Deborah Perkins
Deborah Perkins
Author and Founder, His Inscriptions

My favorite line in Carrie Ann's book is this: 'We are not who we believe we are. We are who GOD believes and says we are.' Knowing our true identity as sons and daughters of the King is essential in this hour. Put Your Crown On! reminds believers that Kingdom rule and reign is done from a place of identity and authority IN CHRIST, who is above all!

John E. Thomas
John E. Thomas
President of Streams Ministries International

This is a good book, it is engaging and entertaining while being informative. The stories make the concepts reachable. I think this book will be very helpful for many people! May He bring much fruit and set many free with a recognition of the authority believers have been given through relationship with the King!

It's time to put your crown on and reign! Share the word wearing your shirt.

About Carrie Ann

Carrie Ann is a wife, mother, licensed mental health counselor and author who has been counseling, writing and speaking for nearly two decades. She earned a Master of Arts in Religion and a Master of Arts in Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. She has used these studies as well as faith, wisdom and prophetic words to help share the gospel with people all over the country. Her main focus is the realignment of the believer with their freedom and identity in Christ.

Carrie Ann delivers insights, based on the Word of God, with practical steps, real-life stories and spiritual discernment that will transform the way you think about, and perceive, the reality of God’s kingdom.  


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